Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New GMail SUCKS - Google's new Gmail Changes Are ANNOYING

The New GMail sucks and Google once again shows NO REGARD for their customers / users by plowing full speed ahead with changes that have been received very poorly.

I have been looking at forums and blogs re the new Gmail (rolled out around October 2013) and people are making the exact same points I will make here:

1. WHY can't Google give us the CHOICE to have our compose window come up centered at the get go instead of having to click another button to have it centered? It's just a waste of time, but more than anything it's ANNOYING.

2. WHY does Google keep NUDGING US / ANNOYING US with that pop-up reminder that says we can now access their services from the box at the top right?? I mean, isn't 2 times enough? Isn't FIVE times enough? Isn't TEN FUCKING TIMES ENOUGH???!

Jheeeez! Please STOP IT with the fucking nudges, Google! I mean, we GET IT! There is a new way of accessing youtube and other google services. I think we could figure it out without even ONE reminder, let alone reminding us every goddamn time we open our Gmail account! PLEASE STOP IT with the fucking reminders!

3. Why do we have to hover over the bottom of  the compose window to see options like LINK?
There is nothing "cool" about it! "Ooooooh! Look at how it magically appears when we hover over it!" Welcome to 1989 technology! Effing stupid! Let us see the options all the time, not just when we hover over them!

google Gmail Sucks
Google Gmail Changes Suck!

But what is most annoying - and shows Google's total disregard for their users once again - is how people have complained and complained about these and other changes ever since Google rolled them out! But Google has not listened one bit and instead just plows forward with the annoying pop-ups, the annoying "features" and the new un-user friendly interface.

Once again Google is saying to everyone, like the phone company of old (and remember what happened to the phone company - they lost out to hundreds of competitors because of their FU attitude!), "We're GOOGLE! WE DON'T HAVE TO CARE!"

I have one thing to say to you, Google: "No! FUCK YOU!"
I have switched to duckduckgo.com for all my searches! They do not TRACK US like Google does! (see http://donttrack.us/ )

And as of today I am switching to a new email provider. I am fucking SICK of Google annoying the hell out of me and saying "Screw you - we're Google - we don't have to give a shit what you like!"

I suggest everyone do the same. Screw Google! Show them that we don't need them!
Show them that they can't get away with saying FU to their CUSTOMERS over and over again!

Please leave suggestions as to what other email services you like!