Thursday, May 3, 2012

Google Penguin Update SUCKS


Google, if you have a heart at all, if you want to keep your image positive in the eyes of the public... YOU MUST KILL THE PENGUIN UPDATE now!

As you may have noticed according to the search engine results (IF you can even tell now that the Penguin has totally made them less relevant and more spammy and stupid) your image has been severely hurt by this update.

Why? Because it makes you look not only stupid (it doesn't work, for one thing) but it also makes you look inhumane, arrogant, and completely lacking compassion as it destroys the rankings and thus the profits of thousands of small businesses who are struggling to make a buck in this ailing economy! That's right: the ones who are most hurt by the Penguin are little mom-and-pop businesses that rely on web traffic to make some extra money or even their main income after they lost their jobs and no one would hire them so they turned to the web to be an internet entrepreneur.

Supposedly this Penguin update was supposed to weed out spammy sites. Yet what it has actually done is to weed out good sites and promote spammy sites to the top of page 1! (See my other post on the Penguin update re evidence of this!)

Granted some who were hurt by the Penguin may have been using some grey hat SEO techniques. But ask yourself: Why?

Most of  them saw what their main competitors were doing and simply copied them in order to compete. Their competitors were using link farms, so they used link farms too. Their competitors were using articles  spun and distributed to blog networks, okay then they did that too, to compete...

You see when you are a small businessman you often have to compete in your niche with people who have quite a bit of money and who have a paid SEO firm working for them who know all the best techniques to get rankings... Clearly great content was NOT getting anyone ranked high. So they did what their  competitors did thinking "if Google is rewarding them (and they were - that's a key point in all this!) then surely they'll reward us as well."

So then they start competing, doing well in the rankings, and BAM! The Penguin pulls the rug out from under them!

Why? Why, if Google wanted people to quit doing this or that, why wouldn't they just tell us, issue a press release:

"WARNING: [This or that practice of linking, on site SEO or whatever] is no longer acceptable! Change your sites now according to the following standards and practices, or you will be penalized on April 24th!"

Then they could have listed what was acceptable or not acceptable and let us fix our sites according to their wishes, and stop using whatever link schemes or other SEO they don't like, and most people would have OBEYED and that's it: no more problem.

But noooooooo! Google would rather just SLAP you down, punish you for something you didn't even know was wrong or at least didn't know was on their radar... and then let you just dangle in the wind as your money site(s) lose all rank and traffic and you can't pay your rent or your car payment or whatever.


Google has zero regard for people. (Are they run by robots? Or just jerks who have no human compassion?)

So what do we do now?

Some are saying to just wait and see. Maybe Google will show some compassion and reverse the severity of the Penguin...


WHAT DOES GOOGLE WANT? What do they want from us as webmasters? 

And tell us the TRUTH! Don't give us this b.s. about how you LOVE CONTENT! 
The results of Penguin prove that you do NOT love content because many sites with great content have been slapped while sites with ZERO content have been put up on page one.

IF Google loved content my site would have been #1 as soon as I built it, and I'd have never had to go searching for info on SEO, how to get my site to rank, how to use x% keywords, how to have just the right Page Titles, how to use keywords for images, how to get backlinks, how to get social bookmarks, etc. etc. etc....

So until Google comes clean and tells us the TRUTH about what Penguin really is filtering and why, and what we need to do to be liked by the Penguin and the Panda, I see that we really can only do 2 things:

1) WAIT AND SEE what Google wants or if they have enough sense to reverse or minimize some of the filtering and our rich content sites will come back up the page rankings; and 

2) BOYCOTT GOOGLE! At least until they repair the damage they've done, and hey maybe even issue an apology! 

LOL! Yeah, right! Google issuing an apology about their stupidity will not be forthcoming! I think that's one thing you can count on.

"We don't care. We don't have to. We're Google!"


  1. I could not agree more.
    I thought the Panda Update was bad, this Penguin Update has rewarded site like eHow with inaccurate cut & paste information

    A good example is the keyword "Aquarium Planaria"
    Fish as Pets had a good article addressing the cut & paste anecdotal information that is excellent in content, HOWEVER Google has rewarded eHow with their information that not only is incorrect, but harmful to those reading this then applying it to their aquarium.

    Also the search of "UV Bulbs" brings up mostly spammy and poor content websites (Sorry Google, content is NOT king in your searches)

    As well Google Plagiarism for the sake of Adsense is at an all time high. At least in the past Google would respond to DMAC complaints, but not any more.
    I have already removed Chrome and closed some paid Google Apps and Adwords accounts in protest of Google
    Aslo stop using Google Search, use Bing, Yahoo, even Facebook, but NEVER Google!!!

    Anyone with any morals would do the same with this disgusting anti-small business company.

    Google IS Evil, Content Plagiarism; Water Ionizer Expert
    Aquarium Planaria

  2. We're a gardening business. not blog, not a link farm or anything suspicious and we have terrific content and lots of it and always have. I custom build every page myself. After suffering through this five year long depression in the economy this year in March started out fantastic for us. We had orders coming in like the old days and just in time too. This past winter was the worst. We were so happy and our customers seemed to be getting in better mood than they had been in years. And then came penguin. Overnight the orders nearly stopped. Wholesale orders disappeared altogether. since I wasn't paying attention to blogs about SEO and google and anything like that and never did we didn't know what happened. I've never known anything significant about SEO. All I ever did was create my sites and find good products and list them as best I could and everything worked. After three weeks I finally called up a friend of mine who does know about SEO and asked him to look i to it and he found out we got slammed by this stupid fucking update so to speak. Pardon my french. so, fortunately my friend is friend and helped me out and we've done nothing but work on my site in ways I never though about and just a day or two ago we resubmitted to google for inclusion. so far, nothing and they being the arrogant pricks they are will never write back or admit fault for anything. At this point we have daily conversations about filing chapter 7 and ending this thing for good. Sales are off 90% and traffic is down by 2/3 thanks to this supposed update which as mentioned above, has not improved search at all. all it did was favor the 1% like all corporate improvements these days too. google is evil.