Sunday, May 27, 2012

How To Recover From the Penguin

If you are a victim of the Penguin - that is, if Google's Penguin algorithm ruined your site's rankings - then stay tuned to this blog because I am researching various ways to at least TRY to recover from a severe penguin slap.

I have not seen any definitive answers as of yet. I have seen recommendations and theories but I am looking for and hoping to find an actionable method for recovery from the penguin slap.

So stay tuned here because as soon as I get what I consider to be a workable solution - or at least a possible solution that won't make things worse - I will publish it here.

In the mean time I can tell you that some of the theories I have heard are the following:
(Note: I am NOT as of yet recommending these, but they are some ideas that I am looking further into. Use these ideas at your own risk.)

  • Add content to your site; add a blog or just add new content on your pages
  • Reduce internal site links, especially if they don't read well or if you have too many. What is too many? I don't know but I've heard people say "no more than 2-3%" internal links. 2-3% of what? I'm not sure, but if you went in and added more links to try to get google juice you may want to kill the "extra" links you added
  • Change your page titles and metatags and descriptions (Again I am not saying you should do this. Stay tuned for the results of my research in which I WILL make some suggestions. But of course those too are not guaranteed and you should take anyone's suggestions - including mine - with a grain of salt, after doing your own research and thinking on the subject
  • Create videos and post those to your site. Videos can be created free and don't have to include you talking nor your face. You can use screen shots, you can hire someone on fiverr or etc... to create videos... I do know that the Penguin seems to like youtube videos (why wouldn't it? Google owns them!) and it can be very easy to rank high for long tail keywords on Youtube which then transfers to high ranking on google. Even though my site was Penguin slapped I have a youtube video in the #5 spot for my main keyword!
  • Create Wordpress and Blospot blogs like this one and point them to your site. Do not over-do the links, make them INFORMATIVE and only put one or two links in them
For now that's all I have and again these are just theories; I haven't seen any proof that any of this works.

But I will continue to research this and I will post what I learn as soon as I get something that seems worthwhile.

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  1. Great information on recovery from this Penguin Google thing that everyone has been talking about!